Books by Frank Miniter

This Will Make a Man Out of You

This Will Make a Man Out of You—One Man’s Search for What Makes Men

Coming in November 2016, this is the pursuit of what makes men. Everyone agrees that manliness is in crisis, but answers to what makes men are fleeting. So I decided to go to the places we all agree still make men to find out what we’re losing and how to bring it back. The quest led to a secret fraternity of men who keep an ultimate rite of passage alive. In their story are all the answers to what we can do to become all we want to be. Consider yourself invited for this adventure. Click here to buy

Ultimate Man's Survival Guide

The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide–Recovering the Lost Art of Manhood

This is the ultimate handbook for real men. It explains everything from surviving an avalanche and identifying poisonous snakes to picking a great cigar. The metrosexual man may be good at cocktail chat, but a real man knows how to fight off alligators, be a hero, talk to women, and be a true pal. Broken into eight sections – survivor, provider, athlete, hero, romantic, cultured man, pal, and philosopher – The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide teaches guys the skills, attitudes, and philosophies they need to be the ultimate man. To find these skills and knowledge I went to the best—to professional athletes, UFC fighters, a master of running with the bulls … and many more. Click here to buy.

The Future of the Gun

The Future of the Gun

The Future of the Gun is a work of investigative journalism that exposes America’s often misunderstood relationship with the gun and it exposes what’s to come with gun technology and with our rights. In my investigation I spent time with everyone from inner-city gang members (to see how they get their guns and to hear what they think about guns and gun control) to NRA lobbyists (you might be surprised with what they really do) to gun company engineers and leadership (what they have coming is shocking). I met a youth organizer who uses gun training to save lives (his students kept telling me they’d be dead or locked up with his teachings) and engineers who are pushing the future of gun technology. To understand America, this is a must read.Click here to buy.

Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting

If you care about the environment you need to read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting. This book tells the truth about hunting and our real relationship with nature—not understanding this connection may be causing you to do real harm to the environment right now. Chapter by chapter this book is an investigation of our real connection with nature. I went into the field with bear biologists, deer researches, deer sharpshooters, Wildlife Services professionals, and many more experts in their fields to unearth the truth about how we help or harm the environment—hint, popular culture has it wrong about a lot of the important stuff.Click here to buy.

Saving The Bill of Rights

Saving the Bill of Rights

This book exposes how each of the individual rights Americans cherish are being undermined by a sometimes activist judiciary and politicians. Saving the Bill of Rights uses modern examples of people who’ve had their rights taken away and brings to life the dramatic history behind these rights. It also busts myths some are perpetuating in their effort to erase these individual restrictions on the power of government. Saving the Bill of Rights not only clearly shows how America’s basic human liberties are being rewritten and expunged from our Constitution, it also boldly reports how we can take these individual rights back. Click here to buy.