Dems Wage War on Men and Women

Democrats’ identity-politics conundrums are showing up wherever Democrats are in charge. For example, in New York state, it is now mandatory for employees to take annual state-approved workplace harassment training. As a New York state resident, I just completed my state-mandated training. Now, perhaps as the author of “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace,” my radar for this sort of thing is on full alert, but anyone should find this outrageous.

Right after a slide declaring that some men today might avoid working alone with a woman — this is now known as the “Mike Pence Rule” — the training proclaims: “Men: Do not avoid working with women because you’re afraid of sexual harassment complaints. That is gender discrimination. To avoid sexual harassment complaints, do not sexually harass people.”

Gee, that was so helpful. Do the politicians running the state of New York not understand, even theoretically, that there are some false complaints or might be two sides to any story? Apparently not, as nowhere in the 45-minute training did it mention what men or women can do to seek some form of due process if they think they are being falsely accused or railroaded.

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